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Thank you all for the exceptional care you gave to my father and our family during our difficult time.

The Jay Family

October '22

Mr. Jim Kiley was very helpful. No pressure to buy something we didn't want. He gave us all the info we needed. Thank you for the wonderful customer service.

Patricia H

May '21

Jim did a great job for us, very friendly,cordial,and explained our options well-thanks very much

James H

May '21

Jim Kiley was very knowledgeable and informative during our visit. We prepaid our cremation expenses and felt a huge sense of relief that it was one more item ticked off our "final arrangements list". We also appreciate the fact that this is a local family owned business that carefully considers each of their clients needs/wants and does the best they can to fulfill each request.

Catherine R

April '21

Jim Kiley was very professional and personal. He explained everything very well. My husband and I both feel a lot better having a plan in place before something happens. It's comforting to know that either one of us, when something happens, all we have to do is pick up the phone and call them they will take over during such an emotional stressful time.

Debbie L

April '21

Great help during arrangements for my deceased husband. Knowledgeable and professional, as well as reasonable. I would highly recommend them.


December '19

Our family has had Davis Seawinds services for several family members through the years. We had excellent attention given to our personal needs, staff was professional & respectful.

Marilyn S

July '19

We give Davis-Seawinds our HIGHEST recommendation and rating. 5 stars. Great price for the beautiful facility and professional staff. Justin went out of his way to help us play a DVD of My moms pictures on a TV, kudos to him.. I wish they were in my hometown, but for Florida, this hits the mark. We were the "demanding & very particular family, some might say difficult", but Davis-Seawinds far exceeded our expectations in every way..

Brian L

December '15